Watch SpaceX launch Dragon spacecraft to resupply ISS

By Staff, October 2, 2017

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On Aug. 14, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) in its Dragon spacecraft. In two days from now, Dragon will reach the ISS with 6,400 pounds of equipment and supplies, including ice cream for the expecting crew.

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  1. Xecular says:

    I am disappointed, they forgot to paint a dragon on it

    How will the furpocalypse go into space without a dragon on the dragon

  2. Emilio Alexandre says:

    Why 20 mice?

  3. JR F says:

    I thought it said ISIS

  4. Thank God I'm European says:

    The earth is flat you brain dead twats

  5. The Phelddagrif says:

    Watch SpaceX launch Dragon spacecraft to resupply ISIS

  6. Jonah Bodnovits says:

    Welcome to the future. No more disposable rockets. Now, they even land themselves

    • Malc180s says:

      I think we’ll be seeing very soon how uneconomical reusing these rockets is. Instead of building a rocket using known quantities, they have to dismantle, try to assess, and reassemble instead. They’ll give the idea up by the end of the decade.

    • carso1500 says:

      Malc180s no, they just refuel it and it’s good to go for another ten uses, what are you talking about exactly

    • Lily Rubenstein says:

      carso1500 no, they don’t just refuel it, there is a lot more that goes into it than that. There is a whole refurbishment process

    • Jason Mueller says:

      Lily Rubenstein Nah not necessarily. All that really happens to landed rockets is a re-fueling, close inspection for any faults caused by flight and a fresh coat of paint. The only time serious work is needed is when serious problems are detected. If there constantly were massive problems with landed rockets, Space X wouldn’t be as confident as they are using reusable rockets.

    • Vysair says:

      Malc180s I think you are pretty big fan of *space junk*

  7. pushkin rathore says:

    elon musk=real life tony stark

  8. Omer Magen says:

    “This is the last mission of its kind” Me: WHAT HOW NO!!!! “From now on SpaceX will only launch used spacecrafts” me: F*CK YOU SCARED THE SH*T OUT OF ME!! D:<

  9. TimTube says:

    Why are they clapping like a new Tesla got announced? Aren’t those rockets launching every week? xD

    • DealWithIt says:

      Because those take years to prepare. If you spent years on something and you watch it work successfully and land you would clap at the hard work too

    • TimTube says:

      Didn’t know it’ld take that long to build such a rocket… thanks ^^

  10. oLoftyo says:

    On the other hand, NASA is spending a lot of money to design a one time use rocket.

    • Bojack Horseman says:

      You don’t even have 1/2 the information needed to be speaking about this topic.

    • Motokid600 says:

      The SLS rocket will put 100+ tons into orbit. Even the Falcon Heavy won’t be able to do that. Doing what SpaceX does here on a rocket that big is simply out of the question. SLS just needs a mission.

    • carso1500 says:

      Motokid600 well thats not true, space x is planning they its (i hate that name, is so difficult to search on Google) that is going to be capable of lifting similar weights (if not more) to mars, it’s just theory thats true

    • Wirmish says:

      SLS = $40 billion in the fire

    • oLoftyo says:

      Again, SpaceX was only founded not many years ago.
      People who already assume SpaceX can never build a Rocket engine as powerful as SLS, is the same as saying SpaceX and Tesla will never work when it first started, but it did and succeed.

  11. Ice Spike says:

    Oh wait its ISS xD

  12. Snowy Eye says:

    “It includes ice cream and 20 live mice.”

  13. Isacc S says:

    I feel bad for those mice…

  14. Jet Luo says:

    A milestone for astronautical technology, a great step towards civil space traveling

  15. Because I'm Batman! says:

    Pretty sure, Elon is thinking of colonizing moon simultaneously.

    • Because I'm Batman! says:

      Agreed. Moon can be used as you said.
      I was just pointing out the potential of Elon. πŸ˜‰

  16. Anson Lioe says:

    And they still says earth is flat

  17. Juerqen says:

    heck yeah ice cream is important

  18. AA Productions says:

    It starts at a very low g-force, waiting till after 2 minutes to reach about 2.34 G’s.
    If humans can handle up to 3 G’s normally, why don’t we start at the full G-force.
    And if there are no humans, then what’s holding you back? The mice?

    Oh, I know, you want to make sure you don’t reach a certain speed while still in the atmosphere.
    Or else you may get too much drag, requiring more fuel to keep accelerating through the air.
    Oh, and you don’t want to be going over 16,000mph (is that speed correct?) before reaching the mesosphere.
    Or else you may burn up, passing through it on the way out, the same way you can burn up on the way in.

    • Ambient Morality says:

      it’s mostly because the rocket loses a lot of fuel so it can accelerate more, but it throttles down to limit maximum aerodynamic pressure too