Start a Mumford Band – The Big Live Comedy Show Highlights – YouTube Comedy Week

By Staff, March 12, 2018

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Key of Awesome perform live at the Big Live Comedy Show.

Welcome to Comedy Week


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YouTube Comedy Week – May 19-25


  1. EvilDemonPixieSticks says:

    I want to start a Mumford band

  2. RafaSarlin says:

    What a weak crowd

  3. FuturisticJaffa says:

    No thanks I do not want a free virus

    Thanks anyways!

  4. skywise8 says:

    wow you mean rihanna has sex? what strange news!

  5. Cayden Jarvis says:

    All the people there looked like they wanted to kill themselves. That or fall asleep.

  6. phixion. says:

    Poor effort……
    Looks more like a sinister piss take than a genuine poke and laugh.

    Maybe comedy is different in other places.
    Or it could have been done better.

  7. TheAlex6267 says:

    i need to get james holmes in here

  8. Glowstone says:


  9. Anneka Eastman says:

    I have been listening to this over and over again! i just cant stop singing it! lol

  10. Hunter Ohotto says:


  11. Badreddine Amine says:

    shittiest audience

  12. Naphtali Louis says:

    That audience has no feelings or emotions

  13. Lilly Garrett says:

    What a crap audience

  14. Jade Alise says:

    This whole comedy week was so stupid. All these acts were amazing and no one cared. Trying to be TV YouTube?

  15. TheGearGamer says:

    Thank GOD!!!

  16. Juana olmos pintado says:

    me gusta

  17. cancerman50 says:

    I would date Jill in a second. 

  18. EpicBoredPerson says:

    I’m still waiting to go to Mumford Land…

  19. Peter Griffin says:

    The least popular video made by YouTube.

  20. SadPixelCat says:

    Come back KOA you are so talented!!!