New York Public Library installed a book train conveyor system

By Staff, October 4, 2017

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The New York Public Library announced they have completed its conveyor system for requested media. The $2.6 million system uses 24 carts to truck books through the library's 11 levels to the Rose Reading Room. Here's how it works, and what it's like to ride inside one.

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  1. Toy Fan says:

    aaaa mazzzzzz iiiinnngggg

  2. A Man's Child says:

    ok this is too much

  3. DeShoujo says:


  4. Chris Walker says:


  5. Drenir Tallos says:

    I wish I could shrink down and take a ride in that.

  6. Excale GL says:

    2.6M$ for freaking minecarts

  7. Remi Stardust says:

    Same video, same music, but book train was carrying “Mein Kampf” the whole time…

    • Spunky Waffle says:

      I can see people sending the most offensive books to mess with people.

    • Remi Stardust says:

      Yeah, it would turn this video into a single long build up to a joke you didn’t see coming. So the audience watches the long interesting ride and at the very end, it is revealed, that the cart was carrying a very terrible book. It could be sth less offensive but still funny, like “Boobs, why do we like them?”
      (don’t know if that’s an actual book title, but you get the idea 🙂

  8. olszeric says:

    Didn’t see it carry a single book….

  9. lu suolan says:

    i wish i could ride in it lol

  10. MassDynamic says:

    i think it’s more practical to just have a digital system. Digitize all the books and keep the original copies forever-stored in a controlled environment. A reader can then just access the digitized book through a tablet or other electronic device. It’s faster, uses less energy, and takes up less space. This also avoids the fear of readers damaging the books. Normal wear and tear will eventually lead to the books needing repair or replacement.