New Inventions That Are At Another Level ▶13

By Staff, April 7, 2019

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  1. john donovan says:

    who came here just for the manure sweeper?

  2. Michael Fowler says:

    That hover bike looks like a death machine for both the rider an pedestrians

  3. R3DBACK says:

    You came here for 7:48

  4. SwapPart TV Repair says:

    So, what happens when that parking thing jams and nobody can get their cars out?

  5. Joe Duke says:

    The USafe remote life preserver puts all the rest to shame. That one could save thousands of lives!

  6. dominicwalli says:

    The quad heli bike is a deathtrap . Whos so stupid to put themselves between 4 motorized blades , and rise 3 meters into the air ?

  7. BOSS MAN says:

    The RC float is great for Coast Guard or life guard at the beach. Best invention on here.

    • Lastashio says:

      +Mr Screamer I could see it being useful in the sense that say they flew out, they could toss it out and run it over while the rescuer is jumping out before swimming over. An extra thing is never bad

    • Dwyt Subi says:

      BOSS MAN i

    • super genius says:

      Wt about the people who don’t know how to swim for even a minute?

    • Gawrawa Attampala says:

      +super genius why are they even in that deep then and if you’re on a boat you should have a lifejacket on.

    • WowsomeHD says:

      +Mr Screamer i mean they obviously wouldnt use it in all situations,. If someone floated out to sea from a shoreline like only 50-100 ft out then you dont need like an entire boat to save them. Same thing if on a boat too.

  8. Mike Borth says:

    That powered life preserver is genius!

  9. Sky L says:

    that Dubai police is going to chop you off with the propellers

  10. forgotn1 says:

    Those weird tires are cool, but only viable for low speed vehicles. They tested something similar years ago and found that they were *really* loud due to airflow through all the chambers.

  11. ILuvMzk says:

    7:50 thank you so much for not lying.

  12. breezetix says:

    4:50 what if the flood is gonna be higher than taht

  13. Arian Martinez says:

    The hover bike is all fun until you fall into the blades

    • Nick Col says:

      Lightweight and durable so they break??? Lmao. Stick your hand in there and say it is harmless again. I have rc helicopters that will chop a hand off. I’m sure these blades are even more lethal

    • Nick Col says:

      People in Dubai have more money than sense

    • Dean Khan says:

      Not reliable and dangerous. Its like u are riding a flying chopping machines. Cant they make it safer like “propeller cover”. Even we buy a fan got one of it for safety.

    • joe shmo says:

      It’s a glimpse of what’s possible in the future definitely not useful or fit for consumer use as is.

  14. Samira Mathis says:

    The car one isn’t smart someone could push the button while you’re in the car…

    • Michaela Joy says:

      Theres probably a time limit, like if you just recalled your car and you get in at the bottom, you probably have a 3-5 minute window before the next person can request their car to come down or its weight sensitive and wont get the next car until yours is off the platform

    • Lucy rainbow says:

      That would be fun

    • jake lubrino says:

      The point of smart parking its saves a lot of space..

  15. Mark says:

    0:05 it would take forever to get your car down and imagine a power outage…….

  16. Kntryhart says:

    0:30 I am sure this will NEVER break down with your car stuck somewhere way off the ground!

  17. celestialdream49 says:

    Hover bikes will never make it… if you fall off… you are chopped up.