Most Satisfying Factory Machines and Ingenious Tools

By Staff, April 5, 2019

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Suhm Spring Works –
Haoshuomachine – www.haoshuotech.comç
Haas Automation –
Otto Bihler –
Tex-inter Brading Machine –
Aim Inc Bending Machine –
Nargesa –
Bodor Laser –
Trumpf Inc –
Tesker MFG –
Mega Obriabarki –
Kimla Waterjet –


  1. Geo Ham11 says:

    Why so many adverts with such a short Youtube clip !!!!!

  2. Ray Jones says:

    What I find so interesting about these machines is the people responsible for the initial idea and the design of said units to do what they wanted them to accomplish. I’m a mechanical person living in the electronic age but still find these mechanical monsters to be highly interesting! Great share, for sure.

  3. Henry Henriquez says:

    Solo hay comentarios en inglés pero el titulo es en español mientras en el video no se habla para nada. Alv, esto es brujería.

  4. MrShaun1578 says:

    the ads every 30 seconds is a bit ridiculous

  5. mark casha says:

    Hats off to the people who design and build these amazing machines.

  6. Shane Spurgeon says:

    i love adblocker
    ALSO!!! GIANT SPRING TO WHAT i want to know where that spring went!

  7. игорь гаванчак says:

    просто супер–талантливые люди которые придумали станки

    • Igor A Pro says:

      +Seroga Alex і назву тої країни придумати не змогли, а запозичили у Київської Русі. Геніально)))

    • Seroga Alex says:

      +Igor A Pro от от =)

    • Александр Суровцов says:

      Во всем мире всегда были изобретатели. Что-то придумали при Союзе, что-то в других странах. Суть не в этом. Суть в том, что в России никто ничего не ценит. Наше наплевательское отношение ко всему происходящему никогда не выведет страну в первые ряды. Русская лень непобедима, но именно из-за неё мы создаём что-то новое. Правда, в последнее время нам и создавать что-то стало тоже лень.

    • Atsushi Igarashi says:

      игорь гаванчак ,j,m rthjnfsjnftbv

      kyuedcvbnmkujhh l

  8. john Baldock says:

    SSSHHH, Listen, you can hear Nerds Cumming!!

  9. Tanasi Tim says:

    4:05 The sound my bed made on my honeymoon night .

  10. اختراعات متنوعة says:

    *ماكو عرب بطيارة شنو السالفة😐🤔*

  11. Ya Si says:

    безработным привет 👋

  12. Tim prismasignal says:

    The Automatic vertical welder is amazing about time they made one that works, now just a portable one that can used outdoors as well for ship building and so on 🙂

  13. Gregory Parrott says:

    Great selection of machines, great close-up of their operation!

  14. Ervin Zefi says:

    First clip coil over springs for Honda Civics 😁😁

  15. xRASTAxXxLIONx says:

    WELDERS! You clicked on this video to see 11:36

    You’re welcome

    • Honey Badger says:

      +xRASTAxXxLIONx there* 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    • Skelotor Two says:


    • Ordoño Martinez Gonzalez says:


    • Hand Meover says:

      I just read on another site a few moments ago that you couldn’t weld a vertical bead with a Mig,,,yet I’m seeing in this video a auto mig setup *welding a vertical root pass and the cover pass with a MIG!* We welded verticals with Migs all day long, back in the 70’s. You had to back off the heat compared to a horizontal bead, and run some stringers to burn it in. But it work just fine.
      Some folks on the internet need to STFU! Thanks for this video😎

    • Geoff Moore says:

      +Hand Meover 🤣 Man I can’t even count how many 3G and 3F welds I have had to do. Hopefully they were saying you can’t do vertical up spray transfer. But pulse spray works great uphill.

  16. Quiosque Banca says:

    tomar no cu com esses anuncios toda hora aff

  17. Harold Huffman says:

    The operator of the coil machine has his face shield in the up position, not good safety practice.
    I see one other guy with his PPE protecting his face.
    Correct me if I am wrong but is the coil red hot, all it would take is a small piece to fly off & wallah you get a free trip to the Emergency Room.

  18. Muhammad abdul Aziz says:

    It’s so easy to get projects done quicker than past but there is long struggle of the genius people behind….
    Appreciate the minds who invented these robots.
    God has created us for creation

  19. P R says:

    Machines look easy to design, build, and program. Easier than most paperwork. Like how that laser cuts metal.

  20. Carlos Alberto says:

    Isso é que é tecnologia, trabalho perfeito, imagine quando tudo isso evoluir mais !!!