Microsoft​ built a watch that helps people with Parkinson’s disease write

By Staff, September 29, 2017

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Microsoft researcher Haiyan Zhang created the "Emma" watch, which pulses on the wrist at a set rhythm to distract the brain and allow the hand to write freely.

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  1. Haider xx says:

    Wicked ! 🌈💕

  2. john smith says:

    “Hey don’t pee there your not in the bathroom” ~Microsoft​ Parkinson watch

  3. Normal Retard says:

    “Emma needs a Windows tablet to run the software”

    Emma : Ok ok i leave my iPhone behind

  4. ImTelestra ツ says:

    This is why Microsoft is better than Apple!

  5. candr_dk says:

    0:25 no context needed

  6. ϣεsϯ fαll says:

    I wish mohammed Ali wore that😪 god bless him

  7. [GD] Dj4dasher says:

    And why can’t the Apple watch do that?

    • frozen curmudgeon says:

      Because basically the apple watch is a toy. Thats where the money is. Imagine what could be done if Apple, Samung, LG, Google, etc used their $$$ and innovation to do stuff like this. There would be alot more stories like this. Sadly endeavors like this dont make money.

    • Your Friend says:

      [GD] Dj4dasher the apple watch is basically a smaller iPhone that’s easier to carry,in the disguise of a watch

    • Marvincent Acuña says:

      This one’s basically a strong programmable vibrator. The 🍎Watch would need to be around twice as thick to accomodate that vibrator.

    • Argf says:

      Microsoft didn’t make the watch, a researcher at who works at Microsoft made it. Also that isn’t even a watch, nor a smartwhatch it’s an aid to help people write.

      The point of the Apple watch is to be a smartwhatch meanwhile the one made by the researcher at Microsoft is an aid for writing. They both have completely different objectives.

  8. Francisco Velasco says:

    Know that’s a smart watch. Hope some of the money that goes into technology also good to help overcome disabilities and help people. +Microsoft

  9. Jacob McRoberts says:

    In case anyone is wondering what Parkinson’s disease is, it’s where your hand shakes, vibrates and twitches uncontrollably 24/7.

    • Jacob McRoberts says:

      Okay lol

    • Sašo M says:

      Jacob McRoberts you generalized it way to much and did not provide much additional information that was seen on the video

    • Jacob McRoberts says:

      Sorry It’s not my job to make comments on YouTube lol I was just trying to give everyone a quick simple general idea of what this disease does to you.

    • Sašo M says:

      Jacob McRoberts yea I know. I wasn’t trying to be rude. 😂 imagine someone would be proffesional youtube commentator and would get paid

    • Sašo M says:

      Actually scratch that. Those fake accounts with “gifts” get thousents of dollars to comment

  10. Surfer says:

    Legit god bless Microsoft for doing this and god bless this lady!

  11. WillyWonkasLight says:

    Microsoft= Mic
    Macintosh= Mac

  12. Noland Ryan says:


    • Noland Ryan says:

      MassiR77 I SAID GOOD DAY!…

      You stepped right into that one man. Serious you are right. We were just argueing semantics though SIR. See I called you Sir this time. You would have a valid point on those but its just too broad and not honed in. Would you ever see somehing like that in popular mechanics? Possibly… but to be honest I’ve seen Jehovah’s Witnesses bring a publication on the dynamics of sea fairing birds with more technical reasoning than hese videos. So in closing I was just having a bit of fun. I hope you enjoyed the reference at the end!

    • MassiR77 says:

      Noland Ryan alright, all good.

    • Noland Ryan says:

      MassiR77 Its a Willy Wonka one… have a good day, seriously.

    • Your Friend says:

      Noland Ryan Read the channel description; they never said that they specifically make tech videos

    • Noland Ryan says:

      Your Friend Great

  13. Batabii says:

    Why doesn’t insider understand how 16 x 9 works

  14. emaad awan says:

    This is to appreciate the researchers not to start a Microsoft vs apple

  15. Bryn Jared Llaneta says:

    Okay the thumbnail is weird

  16. Robert R says:

    Now if only Microsoft would free Tay.

  17. Σωτηρηε Ντασκας says:

    its not a watch if it doesnt tell the time

  18. Gaming Regez says:

    What if we only had apple devices

  19. Difference IsGood says:

    See this watch actually helps people unlike the Apple Watch lol

  20. Joseph Guillen says:

    You know doctor strange could just buy that instead of going to Nepal but, oh wait…