Make any bike electric with this wheel

By Staff, October 8, 2017

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With many looking to transportation alternatives, bicycles have grown in popularity. But because of the effort needed to cover large distances, electronic bikes have become a hot-selling item. A new Kickstarter product, the GeoOrbital Wheel, plants an electric motor into an easily installed front wheel, making almost any bicycle electric.

Produced by Rob Ludacer

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  1. mazice says:

    That price tag is insane. It’s just about the price of a new mid-range motorbike in my country.

    • Mysterious Figure says:

      Yes, but considering the price of most e-bikes, and the target market for this, it is a good product, as I think it will be quite popular with bikers, especially those who spent a bit more money on their bike, and this allows them to get the E-bike experience without having to get a whole new bike.

    • A Kao says:

      And given the search interest of “e-bikes” there is a greater interest for “electric bike conversion” in the US than “e-bikes” where the one, lone country that has the greatest interest in e-bikes is Germany; with the subsequent German speakers of Austria and SweissReich. so… yeah, it’s still too damn expensive.

    • EliteCanadian says:

      It’s still expensive. Hell with that money i’d rather buy myself an ACTUALLY EBIKE! Not worth in my opinion. + You don’t know if it’s compatible or not and then you gotta spend more money to ship it back. Just not worth it in my opinion. They’re on glue with does prices.

  2. Phil Ly says:

    If this cost more than a bike itself in EU and AU/NZ no ones going to buy this but the small amount of people who have enough money

    • Albert Billings says:

      You do realize that people spend over $2,000 USD on bikes, right?

    • Albert Billings says:

      Which invalidates my point, how?

      People are bitching about the price while ignoring high end bikes cost over $2000.

      The people buying a $150 bike off of Cragislist aren’t the market for this, are they?

    • jay k says:

      Albert Billings there are far cooler bikes than buying an electric wheel. with this price forget two biggest market in the world China and India. good luck with your snooty snobbish attitude.

  3. ecf08 says:

    for 499, you can a whole new electric bike at sondors. same spec. that price is insane

    • Rene Borroto says:

      They are very different products… Geo Orbital is an electric wheel, Sondors is a complete bike. By the way, Sondors charges nearly $200 for shipping, so add that to the $499.

    • Rene Borroto says:

      But I do agree with you that the Sondors is a better value. Now they have a $500 “thin” model, plus $200 shipping. That’s less for a complete aluminum bike than for this wheel alone.

  4. Matt.Cook.Oregon says:

    where can i buy it

  5. PVT Citizen says:

    This would be a great thing in the Texas, but first the politician need to change the bike laws in Texas to make it a lot more safer to be on a bicycle in Texas. No dedicated bike lanes and drivers get angry when you take up a lane and they will run you over.

    • Austin Hill says:

      Yep, lost my dad that way and got the hell out of that state. People aren’t as bitter here in North Carolina but still not a lot of bike lanes. Asheville is dedicating a lot of money and effort into urban development. This technology would do well here since we have a lot of big climbs even around town.

  6. Laura Silva says:

    Hi, where can I buy it in Portugal?

  7. Yanis Kyr says:

    How do you control the throttle?

  8. Austin Hill says:

    These are all great questions and I wish the designers were using this forum to answer questions about the wheel thingy.

  9. Rene Borroto says:

    It costs $799… for now.

    • Rene Borroto says:

      … and shipping is $90 in the U.S.

    • jay k says:

      Rene Borroto ₹ 52,246 at that price you get a 100 cc bike which goes 100km per litre of petrol.and with 15 liter tank. you can travel 1000 to 1200 kms on a tank full. you have to bring the cost down if you want to enter Indian market. China coco city bike Costs only 25000 rupees with a range of 100 KM’s.

    • jay k says:

      Rene Borroto ₹ 52,246 at that price you get a 100 cc bike which goes 100km per litre of petrol.and with 15 liter tank. you can travel 1000 to 1200 kms on a tank full. you have to bring the cost down if you want to enter Indian market. China coco city bike Costs only 25000 rupees with a range of 100 KM’s.

  10. 17X7 says:

    You don’t want to buy a new bike? How about a wheel that is more expensive than a bike?

  11. Fez A says:

    This looks to be more a more complicated design than Superpedestrian’s copenhagen wheel, which is already on sale. The electrified bike wheel concept isn’t new and has been around for at least 7 years.

  12. Peter Holm says:

    great idea , but easily stolen

  13. SLR RLS says:

    I have a Pedego bike

  14. Clorox Bleach says:

    This is why people can’t lose weight.

    • subzero_ vapes says:

      That’s bs. Pedal assist in an e bike just augments your pedal power. I need one because arthririts and nerve damage have made my leg strength a bit weak. Especially up some hills. Pedal assist will just allow me to go further without straining. There is a throttle option but most will use assist. And please of all things to blame obesity on don’t call out e bike technology. That’s just stupid.

    • Grady C3 says:

      subzero_ vapes just get a car

    • subzero_ vapes says:

      I have a car.

  15. Master Electric says:

    First at all, the Prize is not reasonable, then you will lost true purpose of cycling is SPORT!!!… That can’t make you more healthy because, all you do is sit on the bicycle and operate… it is same as bike or hoverboard just in different form. Therefore, it is not necessary to use it, and that can’t be called sport anymore.

  16. Rick James says:

    i saw a similar thing, a small electric motor that powers the rear wheel and it connects to any bike.

    But nothing ever came out of it and neither did this

    • subzero_ vapes says:

      E bikes are outselling cars in EU. E bikes in general are gaining ground in the US albeit slower because precedence is given to cars. The system we have for cyclists is a joke… Very few cities have bike lanes and aside from a few stupid trails we get barely a foot of the road where it’s poorly maintained and dirty. We need this to rake off. I’m sick of driving and traffic in general.

  17. Fish301 says:

    Looks like the commercial was taken in Boston.

  18. Rogue Operative says:

    I may consider buying one after everyone elses have exploded due to cheap battery issues and they fix that.. Also assuming the price comes down to something I wouldn’t mind so much if it were stolen.

  19. Soundafek says:

    No electric fo me my legs are my gears.. 😉