LG’s transparent fridge

By Staff, October 6, 2017

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At CES in Las Vegas, LG showed off their new Signature Refrigerator, that comes packed with some innovative new features. The right door has a translucent window embedded into it, that when knocked on, will activate the light inside. This allows you to check inside the frige, without opening the door, saving energy on lost cool air. The door also has an auto-open sensor — so it can open when your hands are full.

Produced by Rob Ludacer, Darren Weaver, and Melia Robinson
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  1. Stephanie Carls says:

    Need this! Gorgeous!

  2. Sudarshan Venkataiah says:

    These guys are cool, I mean the LG guys they always come up with innovative ideas on home electronics.

  3. Siwathat mongkolsupya says:

    Is good for THOSE LAZY PEOPLES because when they want something they just want to see food in fridge

  4. Ryvucz says:

    Good for fridge raids by cats, dogs and babies.