Highlights From the YouTube Interview with President Obama

By Staff, March 12, 2018

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On Jan 22, 2015, President Obama sat down for his first interview after the State of the Union with popular YouTube creators, Bethany Mota, Hank Green and GloZell Green, to have a conversation about issues that matter most to them and their audiences.


  1. MrHogzor says:

    So youtube is a thing now!? About time! 😛

  2. Jeremy Carrion says:

    I think Obama is the coolest president we (united states) has ever had.

  3. StarWarsROTJ1983 says:

    Hank definitely had insurance before Obamacare lmao

    • Jennifer Chew says:

      +StarWarsROTJ1983 hahaha the vlogbrothers donate all their ad revenue to charities. It is in one of their videos.

    • StarWarsROTJ1983 says:

      +Jennifer Chew Well they’d be incredibly dumb not to get insurance then.

    • Maryamr Rizwan says:



    • suki426 says:

      +StarWarsROTJ1983 before obamacare companies could not cover people if they wanted do to preexisting conditions.

  4. RyanD808 says:

    Why these people, don’t they have even a clue about politics? Obama is ultimately going to raise tuition rates now since more government funding is given to the schools! That needs to stop! No more money to the universities, and the tuition will go down eventually. Even Obama notes it a problem but everyone thinks he’s gonna fix he. He’s hoodwink the United States and the students. Also he has taken all the credit for the economy when the go enemy is barely associated with the good economic stability right now.

    • robertantonnyc says:

      +Nick V
      I actually know quite a bit of what I’m speaking. Generally I research things before I give my opinion.

    • robertantonnyc says:

      +Nick V
      Ahh. lol. Wasn’t quite clear, I guess. Carry on 😉

    • RyanD808 says:

      I have done my research. There’s evidence that proves it. Go find the videos where Biden Amit’s to the issue and also the time Obama gave a rally in which he first noted that government funding increased tuition because of the competition and extreme supply on money between universities now. Then in the same interview he said he’s gonna give more to the schools and nobody batted an eye!!

    • Jackson Haile says:

      Yeah, that’s the one problem with the whole free community college idea. Don’t get me wrong, sounds great for people who can’t afford college. But what isn’t mentioned is that that money is coming out of the currently untaxed bank accounts designated for saving for college. We need to make more cuts in spending, not add more taxes…

    • Rajendra Swain says:

      +Jackson Haile Education is essential for engagement,free thinking which will check crimes dear Jackson Haille.

  5. Malini Chandra says:

    This was such a fun video, but also really important. Instead of hating on it, maybe we could be happy or motivated by the fact that we as a community could come together through three creators on Youtube and inspire and provoke changes in our country. It hasn’t happened before and for all we know this could really help not only Youtube’s positive impact, but the United States as a whole.

    • Mark Drury says:

      If only positive thinking coupled with blissful ignorance actually worked. His personality is frankly irrelevant in a country that quite literally derives it’s origins in the ideology of individual liberty. What is not irrelevant is the policies he endorses that have been destroying our economy, policies we will be feeling years from now if something isn’t done about them. You can’t tax your nation into prosperity. It simply doesn’t work like that. That’s like a starving animal eating it’s own limb.

    • Malini Chandra says:

      +Mark Drury Well, I think it’s hard for him. He is not a bad president since obviously he has been elected and re-elected, and he definitely hasn’t done anything worth impeachment. A lot of people are struggling and as much as he tries to help this country, he can’t help everyone and is bound to make some mistakes. I’m sorry if you have been affected by things he has done. Good thing we have a republic here in America and also aren’t being forced to stay.

    • Mark Drury says:

      I honestly haven’t been effected. My business has. If it were not for his tax policy I could put twenty people in the middle class just on my company’s corporate taxes.

      Lastly, I’ll correct you on that first statement. Being elected twice makes you a good politician and a good campaigner, neither of which are a good thing.

    • Archimede E Provolone says:

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    • NATASHA BARDON says:

      +Mark Drury in

  6. pandulce says:

    I got here early. Just in time before people get into these absurd political arguments.

  7. ♨Designated♨ says:

    OBAMA is BAE

  8. nucklehead says:

    Obama’s pretty chill. I don’t love him (nor hate him) but he seems like just a nice, cool guy in general.

  9. Ian Xia says:

    I like Obama 😀
    Pls explain to me why he’s perceived as such a horrible president

  10. Ryan Lamont says:

    This was amazing & initiated really great conversation on important topics 🙂

  11. PrankFiles says:

    Obama needs his own Youtube Channel

  12. MEGSTER メグスター says:

    youtube has a voice – we have a voice 😀

  13. Abdulmalik says:

    السح الدح امبوه الولد طالع ع ابوه

    Just an arabian person passing by

  14. 1738 says:

    Even when many ppl hate Obama, I (as a non-american) would be proud to have such a smooth president.

    • Rory Swenson says:

      +Entega The problem is Republicans are mostly creating a stalemate so its hard to do things. Not to start a argument its just they have different views its not really going anywhere

    • Entega says:

      +Insider i agree that stuff is just messed up right now haha

    • BADD1ONE says:

      hes smooth if you are completely uninformed

  15. Ash Almond says:

    Obama is people’s President.. He’s so down to Earth.. and can connect to all types of people, particularly young people. Good on you Mr. President.

    • Rajendra Swain says:

      But Obama have a faith on weapon never on heart which can conqueer the enemies.

    • Rajendra Swain says:

      Thanks to Ash Almond for loving honest leaders.

    • Alex Chavira says:

      +R Davis Link president Obama actually said what you daid, that both parties need to work together witched shocked the republican party

  16. Megan Laker says:

    I found it very strange that Bethany Mota was there. I find her to be very immature and child like and she doesn’t strike me with someone with strong political views. However Hank was absolutely amazing, and I think he was a perfect choice.

    • robertantonnyc says:

      She said herself that she hasnt been interested in politics at all; and that’s exactly the type of person Obama has been trying to reach during his whole administration. For that reason, I think she was a great choice. She asked some good question that her followers really wanted to know.

    • Nona Ignacio says:

      +Megan Sykes yeah but i honestly think she’s a better choice than Glozell, I mean no harm to her and her fans but Bethany has a big impact to teenagers and her voice can be heard to the younger generation

    • robertantonnyc says:

      All of them were wonderful choices. Comedy often reaches more people than serious topics.

    • Nona Ignacio says:

      +robertantonnyc you do have a point

  17. Facts. says:

    Yeah just keep pushing recreational marijuana under the rug

  18. populousmass says:

    Don’t scroll down. I wrote something very racist.

    something very racist

  19. Thaila Skye says:

    I wish we had someone like Obama in the UK.

  20. ChrisJwillett says:

    you will never see Donald trump do something like this. ever