Futuristic city made of garbage

By Staff, October 31, 2017

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A Belgian Architect has designed a concept for a futuristic aquatic home that makes use of one of the present day's biggest boons: garbage. Vincent Callebaut's concept is called Aequorea, and consists of massive domes made from algae and garbage from the great Pacific garbage patch.

Produced by Rob Ludacer

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  1. Jordan Musleh says:

    how do I know if this is made out of garbage..??

  2. Timothy Lund says:


  3. insane Kake says:

    So its garbage to live there ?

  4. Hershe Go says:

    this is what we call “Recycling”

  5. Terry Gray says:

    this is what Atlantis would look like if it pop out of the sea.

  6. Lavar Ball says:

    still looks like garbage

  7. TigerHeart03 says:

    I want to live in one of these before I die

  8. ana lopez says:

    “In these beautiful DOMES OF GARBAGE”

  9. Alyssa Sukitsch says:

    was anyone else reminded of amulet?

  10. kirvy cabunilas says:

    wow that is magnificent

  11. Brennan Todd says:

    wow look at this really cool concept that will never ever happen

  12. MLNova TV says:

    and so u dump more garbage down the ocean.

  13. JetbyGaming says:

    im surprised,this was from 2016 and has 251 likes and no dislikes

  14. Hanz Matutina says:

    About time someone started to use trash like us to clean our trash

  15. soumya shree Rajalabandi says:

    people started to live on Water instead of land. I think every animal on planet will be extinct except humans. Do care about nature plzzz people’s needs are going high..

  16. Assasin Chris says:

    I hope the garbage structure is stronger

  17. moosefactory133 says:

    It looks nice but what happens when there is a really bad storm and these structures get knocked around by large ocean wave?

  18. Brandon Caleb says:

    That city is garbage.

  19. Fancyethanfigueroa says:

    My city honestly :3

  20. TwentyFirst V says:

    Feels like Ariel under the sea, Atlantica.