“Fake laughing” – YouTube Comedy Week – Join in May 19-25

By Staff, February 19, 2018

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Get ready for new videos from The Lonely Island. Join in May 19-25 for YouTube Comedy Week


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YouTube Comedy Week – May 19-25


  1. Tentcalixospells666 says:

    Not funny.

  2. James P. says:


  3. ~Hailey~ says:

    Jorma’s “laugh” at the end 😀 hahaha

  4. CptDylster says:

    Yaaa I doubt that now right?

  5. Keagan Young says:

    I laughed for real

  6. Javy G says:

    Heehee hohoho… now I’m type laughing!

  7. averoog says:

    bwahaha this made me fake laugh so hard

  8. Yami Ponce says:

    GUACAMOLE HAHAHA now im fake laughing damn it

  9. Emma RulesTehWorld says:

    The last one caught me by surprise! LMAO!XD

  10. Reds Amazing says:

    comedy week was crap -_-

  11. CooleePlays says:


  12. sierra says:


  13. BK says:

    is this what qualifies as humor then?

  14. Makenna S says:

    What is this?!? Omigosh lol

  15. Lawrence Monzon says:

    I’m fake laughing because YouTube Comedy Week wasn’t funny.

  16. Candy Marie says:

    0:24 LMAO

  17. May says:

    I think everyone was fake laughing at YouTube ‘comedy’ week

  18. GGEZ says:



  19. Ed M says:

    YouTube just keeps getting shittier and shittier