Congratulations, Julius Yego

By Staff, March 12, 2018

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Javelin champion Julius Yego – also known as "Mr. YouTube Man" – taught himself the sport by watching YouTube videos.


  1. TheBIueSpirit says:

    You are what a lot of us aspire to be Julius! Thank you for your story and congratulations on the silver! Sorry you got hurt, but after your monstrous first throw, you at least got on the podium, a silver no less! Congratulations Mr. Yego! Mr. Youtube Man!

  2. KJ says:

    Talk about self! Congrats on making it to the Olympics and winning Silver!!

  3. UnboxTheWorld says:

    I love this guy, he’s one of my biggest inspirations right now. πŸ™Œ

  4. libby says:

    Youtube for president 2020

  5. Alan Tracey says:

    Good for that guy.

  6. TheNaturalnuke says:

    I’m glad I clicked this.

  7. clonetrooperx39 says:

    Very inspiring and touching story!

  8. CJ.1k says:

    People like Julius Yego, make me strive to succeed because the self determination and also the hard working ability in Yego. Wow, just amazing for a person like this to grow up in Kenya and beat all impossibilities.

  9. Mr .A says:

    wow not going to lie this very encouraging

  10. Tekgila says:

    What an inspiration Julius! YouTube is indeed a platform for the human to share and learn and make the world a better place.

  11. mid or meepo says:

    well done Julius

  12. Cerrone Samuel says:

    Wow this is excellent! He’s such an inspiration. I will show this to my students when school reopens.

    • Cerrone Samuel says:

      +Ms Concave how can you make judgments about me and my students and you know nothing about what I teach, what country we live in and what challenges we face.

    • Ms Concave says:

      +Cerrone Samuel Yeah I don’t know. I’m not making judges about YOU cuz I don’t know u. I wanted to give u helpful tips just in case u get a little in easy in class. I’m sure your a great teacher. I was one of the best students in my class and all the teachers the students didn’t like cried and got pranked. I’m pretty sure u can do whatever u want. This is from a students perspective. Didn’t mean to insult u or anything 😊

    • Cerrone Samuel says:

      +Ms Concave I appreciate your concern for those who have a hard time making it through the education system. I want to encourage my students to think, critically and independently and to beat the odds that caused some of the children you described to lose their way. I taught myself many things and I want my students to possess the same skill, much like the athlete featured here.

    • UselessTwat says:

      Watch out though
      This breaks the monetisation rules and they probably won’t give money to this man

  13. ChickenSuitGuy/Brandon says:

    I taught myself how to put on a condom from a youtube video im special right?

    • Otieno says:

      I taught myself how to remove a bra with one hand from a Youtube video. We’re the special ones.

  14. carTe says:

    YouTube can you teach me how to get a life?

  15. spacetime says:

    I swear people be sleepin’ on YouTube.

  16. Allen says:

    I seriously learn more from youtube videos than my professors lmao. It’s better cause you can rewind the concepts that you don’t understand and watch other videos if you still don’t get the concept.

    • NKLOP says:

      Schools are a XIX century invention created to indoctrinate the children not to make them think, just like Rockefeller said once : ” I want workers not thinkers”, and it is also becoming outdated for this XXI century and you can see how many of the most succesfull people like Bill Gates or Zuckerberg among many others for example , they never bothered themselves in finishing school, but of course no school is going to ever admit that they can be bypassed, I abandoned school at the age of 15 and I have been doing very well because thanks to that I started to actually use the brain and to think by myself .

  17. Ghosty Dom says:

    booooooooooooooo youtube

  18. Draconfound says:

    This is a very sensitive subject. According to Youtube, this video should be taken down

  19. Redd says:

    Javelins have killed people before, this is a very controversial video. Please take it down.

    • Pimpeaux says:

      I have seen a Javelin in my dreams. I’ve been emotionally attached to it ever since. This comment triggers me. Please take it down.

  20. Mato Vidakovic says: