Building houses out of plastic waste

By Staff, October 1, 2017

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This one innovation could help resolve two of the world's biggest issues: homelessness and pollution. Oscar Andres Mendez and his team at Conceptos Plásticos have created a way to take discarded plastic and rubber and create stackable bricks with them. These bricks snap together to create quick and easy housing. Conceptos Plásticos won Unilever's Young Entrepreneurs Award.

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  1. Clayton Griffith says:

    That’s amazing

  2. A Man's Child says:

    could means most of time won’t

  3. Heckno says:

    Wow i was one of the first people 😐

  4. Stale Meme says:

    how has no one did this before? I’m sure a lot of people have thought of it just not done it

  5. Dan Devlin says:

    awesome thing and awesome channel

  6. geekphreak says:

    Wow that’s really far out

  7. Gunther says:

    do it it looks cute

  8. Tree Hugger says:

    This makes me so happy.

  9. Tessa Schlesinger says:

    The music was so horrible that I missed most of it. If you want people to look at your video, don’t combine it with a sound track that freaks people out.

  10. premier69 says:

    WHY do people like these poor homless people even build families if they don’t have homes and are so poor? it’s so selfish and cruel to the would-be children 🙁

    • Ms C says:

      Not all of them start out homeless. They have jobs places to live and lose their job and all of a sudden no where to live. It’s not that hard for it to happen to people.

  11. Dr. Pavel's Snapped Neck says:

    how would it do against fire?
    wouldn’t the smoke be hazardous to the people near the home?

  12. BBEEAANN says:

    Have people considered the health hazard with these homes? When the plastic heats up it will produce fumes, which the occupants of the homes will be breathing in. This is a horrible idea that should be rethought as soon as possible.

    • Blatantly Aware says:

      +BBEEAANN That plastic is going to heat up immensely, and will do exactly that.

    • neuropolis says:

      yeah that sucks… to bad you drink and eat out of the same material daily…

    • LagiNaLangAko23 says:

      I saw that some of the houses are covered with stucco. That should reduce the fumes.

    • Fel says:

      The Materialñ is a MIX , not just plastic. On the oficial presentation they demostrate the material doesnt burn. You should see and investigate the product before critics.

  13. Amruta Deshpande says:


  14. Michael Guzman says:

    wow democrats did not make them knock it down I am surprised

  15. Kevin Lane says:

    Could these homes endure heat waves and rain storms?

    • Wellyngton Lima de Sousa says:

      Why this question? Their old houses was made of aluminium tile, canvas, rotten wood and broken bricks.

    • Kevin Lane says:

      They’re meant to shelter the homeless and destitute. And they’re made out of recycled materials, so they’re environmentally friendly.

  16. Debra DKT says:

    Absolutely Amazing

  17. Conspiracy Queen says:

    COOL! This is a great idea!

  18. Danny Forbes says:

    Not all of these jugs and bottles are completely empty. What happens to the liquid waste??

  19. N Sbaa says:

    Is the plastic bricks fire proof?