Amazing Construction Tools And Ingenious Working Inventions ▶3

By Staff, May 5, 2019

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Amazing Construction Tools And Ingenious Working Inventions ▶3


  1. Li’l FUTURE says:

    So amazing
    hey baby!
    Yes daddy ?
    I love you
    A daddy I love you even more❤

  2. High Tech says:

    5:56 that machine makes it so easy to work

  3. Tcharly Dessine says:

    hello big like 130 great channel see you later

  4. Wolfgang Peterson says:

    Полилевел очень хорош.

  5. Max Imagination says:

    Some genius tools there! 😁😁

  6. trebor515 says:

    The music sucks

  7. Trenton Alverez says:

    That last one is a backbreaker put it on a handcart

  8. ibopishak potsangbam says:

    0:14 This is crazy awesome … 🙃

  9. BIG CREFLO says:

    Whats the first BEAT playing ? Please i need it

  10. dani suar says:

    what is that to remove grafitis?

  11. Tech And Future says:

    I’ve never seen this before

  12. Михаил николаич says:

    норм , нам до таких …..

  13. عبدالله الزينے says:

    وربي غثيت من اعلانات اليوتيوب
    زادت عن حدها

  14. Eric haskell says:

    Concrete block mover, high tech, extremely stupid and amazingly slow.

    • ROBOFORCERX2000 says:

      Indeed! Brickies in Ireland go double the speed manually without breaking a sweat.

  15. Алехандро Сисильо says:

    Сука блоки роботом кладут совсем охуели блять !

  16. Graham Bunton says:

    Some good machines but also some that do ONE JOB only, so not economically viable.

  17. hawkdaddy64 says:

    Hey boss I’m a mason but we need to buy the mule to save my back. Boss: You are the mule, lay block or go home.

  18. Gaza 52 says:

    If you need a machine to lift concrete blocks up so you can lay them your in the wrong job.

  19. TVzolo says:

    ну ваще обленились, кран для поднятия кирпичика

  20. The2tlc says:

    The “Mule” contraption seems more of a time waster than saver. A worker would be faster manhandling them 1 at a time. If it moved more than 1 block, sure it would be a time saver. But to set up the machine, run the machine to move just 1 block…… Not cost effective.