7 Inventos Para Smartphones Que Debes Tener ▶ 1

By Staff, March 14, 2019

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●MAS INVENTOS? Toda la serie *Increibles Inventos Que No Sabias Que Existian▶*


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  1. pollita says:

    muy pero muy interesantes

  2. TheShinigami Master says:

    en número 2 me pareció un robo del proyecto ARA de f
    google T__T

    • Joaquin A. says:

      +NEKO YOLO2000 Y ARA es una vil copia de Phoneblock, la cual tuvieron que comprar para que no les demandaran.

    • Ricky Montero says:

      Yo pensé lo mismo

    • Ricky Montero says:

      +Joaquin A. – Game developer
      Hahaha, pues no. Google fue la única compañía que se interesó por el Phoneblok y pues contactaron al creador y empezaron el proyecto Ara, no compraron la idea por “copiar”

    • OZHKAR1 says:

      +NEKO YOLO2000 Puede ser pero este sería más practico con el uso de fundas.

    • Link2447 says:

      Ustedes peleando y ya va a salir el moto z con eso pero en carcasas jaja

  3. Jack Drive says:

    MÓVIL es con V, gañán!

  4. Quantum Tech HD says:

    Si quieren ver mas Inventos aquí tenéis toda la serie *Increibles Inventos Que No Sabias Que Existian▶* –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcapuPm8kg8&list=PLQVT60Yy2jv56if0BkOp6fSXg4BvoeduM&index=7
    * para los que no los hagáis visto aun todos

  5. Zzz zzzZ says:

    La segunda que muestran la tia que dice un walkie talkie… OSEA TIENES UN PUTO MOVIL PARA QUE QUIERES UN WALKIE TALKIE EN EL MOVIL

  6. nino espadas says:

    el lápiz, me parece genial!


    el unico invento que vale la pena es el cargador con pilas

    • Maria Jimenez says:

      +JotaJota vete a la mierda, i que sepas que el valenciano no existe, es solo un dialecto del catalan, si no te lo an enseñado en el cole no es culpa mia i no tienes porque pedir que hablen castellano siempre en un sitio cullo idioma oficial es el catalan, igual que no le pediras a un americano que hable en castellano sirmpre no pediras a un catalan que hable siempre castellano, ja que las dos son lenguas totalmente independientes i no un dialecto como el valenciano…

    • Maria Jimenez says:

      Pd: se escribe siusplau no sisplau i significa porfavor…

    • Maria Jimenez says:

      Pd2: tengo 13 años i apenas escribo en castellno, 4 horas semanales en el insti, asi que ago bastantes faltas tontas.

    • JotaJota says:

      +Maria Jimenez haber maquina el catalan es un derivado del valenciano y si quieres buscas en internet cual es mas antiguo
      😉 Y se lo que significa sisplau yo veia doraemon en catalan antes de que lo sacaran en castellano cuando tenia 5 años

  8. Agus Del Carpio says:

    necesito la mascara de pug!

  9. Havoc Tuber says:

    A na E ha mutin

  10. Auri Media says:

    4:08 A walkie talkie…on a phone…on a PHONE P H O N E !!!

    • JP de la Torre says:

      Why would you use a crappy walkie talkie when you can use your cellphone and this antenna?

    • mrkiky says:

      The thing is that a walkie talkie that small, even if it uses part of your phone , would probably be pretty crappy. And how often does it happen that you are with no coverage and you need to talk to someone? It pretty much never happens, unless you go somewhere where you expect it, in case it would be much better to carry a quality dedicated walkie talkie.

  11. Hate Love says:

    “a lie detector for my boyfriend” damn some serious trust issues there

  12. José Miguel says:

    9:01 Por un momento me imaginé que era gratis :’v

  13. Adam Soliman says:

    9:01 it’s phree. I thought he said FREE I was gonna PHREEk out

  14. Elsa García says:

    My opinion:

    Pebblebee- Gives you the illusion of almost having intelligent housing, but it’s actually really limited, doesn’t seem you can program a lot of things. And you can use your cellphone for a lot of those things… or IFFT, they even mention it on the commercial.

    Nextpak- Buy an ugly and expensive cellphone case that has mostly things that you could add already to your smartphone via app/widget. The battery pack integrated to a case sounds good tough. Also, it’s good that it lets you switch modules with other cases, including connecting Android and iOS.

    ISOcase- An interesting invention. It’s good to have an affordable heavy duty case, but it’s weird that it turns your phone into a tablet, because ultra firm cases are needed for when you travel a lot with your phone, but you wouldn’t take “the beast” tablet in your pocket. Maybe it would be useful for parents to keep their phone safe from small children but still let them play with them.

    Nipper: No, thank you. I got chargeable batteries for my wireless stuff so I don’t need to buy normal batteries again, I wouldn’t buy a cellphone charged that uses them. It’s anti-ecological and makes you waste a lot of money (someone should sell affordable crank powered chargers for cellphones).

    Phree- I wonder if the technology of pens like this has advanced enough that you can draw professionally with them. Probably doesn’t have the presicion of a Wacom tablet, but sounds actually better than most of their free draw products (the pen that captured your drawings but it needed certain paper and ink).

    Selflash- Looks like a good cellphone flash, I think it should be advertised as a thing that made your cellphone photos more professional and not about selfies thou. But maybe you should invest in a camera instead of buying camera accessories for your cellphone (because megapixels don’t matter that much if you have a bad lens).

    It’s good that it share charge with your cellphone and store images.

    Pugz: Forget about the earphone plugs, I want the pug masks :p

    I don’t really like expensive plugs, the sound is really inferior to headphones and they are still very flimsy (or maybe is that you use them more on the go). So I prefer good headphones for when I really need a good realistic sound (for audio editing or maybe blocking noises from outside) and cheap pluga for everyday life.

  15. Leanardoe says:

    The spanish is annoying… Closed captions exist for a reason.

  16. Raden says:

    I do everything I can to block ads and then I sit here and watch 12 minutes of them. FML

  17. Zarraf. K says:

    Is phree free?

  18. Add859 TankiOnline says:

    4:07 “walkie talkies” it is on a bloody phone that can call people all round the world!! *face palm*

  19. Marco Madrigal says:

    #2. Y ahora tendré que ponerle una funda a mi funda, ya que seguramente no voy a querer que se me rompa en una caída de lo caro que me salió.

  20. RoxyJoh says:

    porfavar (escrito asi a proposito) Para que esa chica quiere un detector de mentiras para su novio? Porque no simplemente tiene un novio en el que confíe y ya? ;-;