20 Increibles Inventos y LIFEHACKS 2017

By Staff, May 17, 2019

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Jonah Hill Owes a Hawaiian Best Buy Big Time (Late Nig
pelamatic Orange Peeler

monkey ligths



silic tshirt





NoCry Gloves


Automaton Mechanical Table


Bionic Boot

.Lekue Citrus Spray

Air Bonsai




  1. la pipirisnay says:

    muy bueno el vídeo me gusto

  2. Khairloz Ords says:

    Quantum Tech HD excelente video, me encanto

  3. Herobrine Ortiz says:

    me quedo con mi lápiz con color :v

  4. Romgames9 says:

    Buena recopilación, pero podrías intentar con música un poco más tranquila, siento que no va de a cuerdo con los vídeos.
    Buen trabajo

  5. liberty 2802 says:

    como se llama el mueble con cajones secretos que sale?

  6. erc cyrax gamer says:

    ahuevoooo estan shidos

  7. Thomas Dumville says:

    Whats the point of those running boots? They look heavy. Unless your ankles are fused I don’t see the point your feet are much more capable and lighter.

    • ONCE UPON A TIME says:

      +TheFloridaPappy I emailed them over 3 times already about the price for a pair and where to buy them and they have ignored my emails. I do not know what is going on with them

    • steve gibson II says:

      +ONCE UPON A TIME those are not the same boots. they are different design. check out bionic boot.

    • ONCE UPON A TIME says:

      +steve gibson II The bionic boots are fun and look expensive but bulky. For exercising I’d pick the smaller http://www.kangoojumps.com/ I can’t wait for the day they will legalize hover crafts or jet-packs that can hover up to 40 or 50ft off the ground to use in congested traffic – they exist but not easy to btain

    • steve gibson II says:

      +ONCE UPON A TIME Bionic boots on Amazon are 700 dollars. I would not mind a hover craft, my legs couldn’t handle those boots.

    • ONCE UPON A TIME says:

      +steve gibson II Finally the http://www.kangoojumps.com people replied. The mens size 9 shoes are around $300 worth the investment and more lighter and portable than the bionic boots that remind me of a bionic ostrich. $700 is too much

  8. darko mayorga says:

    como se llama la camisa impermeable?

  9. Mariano González says:


  10. MSU Foysol says:

    You should show (include) the name of each product. Without the name it’s valueless showing/watching those ..

  11. ??? says:

    6:59 i want to buy one of this 😍

  12. Joseph Dodd says:

    Damn that noise in the background

  13. Marcus Johnson says:

    how much do this cost and were can i get it🤗🤣

  14. Kevin Johnson says:

    now if it crosses open water that would be something else.

  15. steven herrold says:

    the stuff is cool but i hate that noise coming out of my speaker

  16. Antiala Reyener says:

    about 5:00 in that style of wheel configuration for sack trollies has been around for years they made it compact and out of different materials

  17. Victor Laurent says:

    7:00 CJ is that u?

  18. Heather Watson says:

    Where’s the list of websites to buy these products??

  19. air2eave1 a says:

    Have a not subscribe day…..

  20. el otro lado de la moneda says:

    Are the boots for exercise or can they make me fast……can I out run a bear or a mountain lion!!!!? Imagine the distance I could achieve 😙😁😮🤤🤤🤤🤤