10 Inventos De Cocina Para El Ahorro Del Espacio

By Staff, April 7, 2019

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Colapz Bucket: …
Collapsible Salad Spinner:
Tric Scale:


  1. Verónica 21 says:

    Me encantó el colador

  2. rocy Cruz Santos says:

    solo quiero los topersitos para guardar fruta estan padres #1

  3. Jumani M says:

    Excelentes ideas!!👍👍😃👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Estelita Jimenez says:

    Me encantó la cubeta quiero 3 mínimo ahorra muchísimo espacio donde las puedo adquirir viví en México

  5. 雪ankoM says:


  6. Sharon Childrey says:

    Ok so where can we buy them??..

  7. Dipak Tanna says:

    For people who are living outside India how can we order pay get prices

  8. Zoya Buksh says:

    Can we purchase online?

  9. Kobruh75 says:

    If you clean your dishes and put them in the lift dish rack, then clean it in the dishwasher, what even is the point of the rack? 🤔

  10. Xavier Styles says:

    0:42~just saying the capsicum wasn’t there before

  11. Xavier Styles says:

    1:08~so you use it clean cameras??

  12. Xavier Styles says:

    3:36~if you had dishwasher then why were YOU doing dishes?

  13. Fatema Khetti says:

    From where we can buy all these products plz link it!?

  14. سيف البحر says:


  15. عباس الفاضلي says:


  16. Ahmed Talaat says:

    الا عربي هنا يدوس لايك

  17. Ahmed Talaat says:

    الا عربي هنا يدوس لايك

  18. Katia Marques says:

    Queria comprar o escorredor de louça e não encontro site. Por favor poderiam me informar onde compro?

  19. Dadi Mohamad says:

    ولله افكار شابة

  20. evren dag says:

    what is the name of the song starting at 2.00 ?